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What do we do?

Eesti Maavara OÜ is engaged in:

  • Purchasing of forest plots;
  • Purchasing of harvesting rights;
  • Purchasing of timber;
  • Purchasing of grasslands;
  • Purchasing of farmlands;
  • Purchasing of grains;
  • Purchasing of pasture lands and grasslands;
  • Compiling of forest management plans.

How to sell?

If you want to sell your forest property, we recommend you to first contact our specialists at (+372) 5566 5666 or via submitting a price inquiry

Having received your offer, the property will be appraised by our expert, who will assess the primary price class based on an orthophoto and the forest management plan. The primary price class takes into account maximum risk and the assumption that the situation on the spot may be worse than the orthophoto and the forest management plan make it seem. In case of the initial price class being acceptable to the land owner, we will send the appraiser to your property on our own cost and then we can make a more specific bid.

In case of the final price offer being also acceptable, we will finalise the sales agreement notarially in a suitable location for the landowner. All transaction costs and state fees are covered by us. (+372) 55 66 5666 (+372) 600 80 55